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VARTA Powersports: Committed to Sustainability

Closed-loop recycling, sustainability and energy and operational efficiencies are all part of how VARTA® is working to be good environmental citizens.

We share your love and dedication to the environment.

The VARTA® battery you install in your motorcycle, scooter, ATV, snowmobile or UTV represents a commitment to the environment that goes back 125 years. Throughout our history, we’ve worked hard to conduct our business in a way that demonstrates our dedication to the places you love to use our batteries most – the great outdoors.

Closed-loop recycling, sustainability and energy and operational efficiencies are all part of how we’re working to be good environmental citizens and good neighbors to everyone on the planet.

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Battery Recycling

Johnson Controls is leading the way in lead-acid battery recycling.

Johnson Controls is proud to have helped develop the closed-loop recycling system, one of the best recycling success stories in the world. And thanks to the invaluable contribution made by our customers, we've helped make lead-acid automotive batteries the most-recycled consumer product in the United States, with collection rates exceeding 97%.

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Johnson Controls Sustainability Efforts

Manufacturing products and conducting business in a more sustainable way is at the very heart of what Johnson Controls is all about. In fact, sustainability is what inspired us to invent the first electric room thermostat in 1885. Today, we’re as committed to sustainability as we’ve ever been.

Sustainability Guides Everything We Do

Sustainability as a guiding force is visible across every aspect of our business. You can see it in the products we produce – like our lead-acid batteries, advanced batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles and interior systems in automobiles.

You can also see our commitment to sustainability in how we operate. For example, our headquarters in Glendale, Wisconsin, has the largest concentration of buildings on one campus ever to receive LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum certification.

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